Since January 2012, we cooperate with several workshops in Ireland, the UK and Poland
to modify the ECU software into account:

  • Fuel economy
  • Increase the power
  • Deactivating the filters DPF / FAP
  • Removing speed limiters
  • Disabling the flaps in the intake manifold
  • Disabling the EGR
  • Removing the lambda probe
  • Shutdown of DTC (all or some error)

If you have your own workshop and would like to expand the scope of its activities by our services please fill out the contact form or call us.

We do not leave anyone without help! Our customers can always count on a 24 hour support via email or phone. We provide very competitive prices and modifications at the highest level. The modifications are for cars, trucks tractors, other agricultural machinery and motorcycles.

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SL Modifications – Only the Best Solutions

Our company was founded in 2006. We specialized in the repair of electrical and automotive mechanics.

Due to the continuously growing interest in electronic modifications (Chip Tuning, Remaping) in 2009 we have decided to focus our efforts in this particular business direction. We are not a company that modifies vehicles "by the way". It is our specialization and passion at the same time. At present, we are able to modify the software in almost all driving vehicles on roads.

Since 2011 we offer services in the field of training and modification of software for garages, which want to expand its business by Chip Tuning, DPF Removal, EGR removal, DTC Removal, Lambda Remowal etc.

We are working on an original equipment reputable company Alientech, which are the authorized representative in Ireland. We are planning to expand the activities of repair motor controllers ECU. We are working on the newest drivers, ECD and MED. 17 TriCore processor and earlier as EDC 16, 15, MSA12, Siemens, Denso, TRW, Dhelphi etc.